How It Works

This website is embedded with a user-friendly and a convenient portal to obtain the information we need to approve your account. This innovation offers a fast and easy way to establish your individual access to the base currency of your payment card or account. We use extra security protocols to ensure that your account is protected.

The system access is well integrated and we hold a International Business Company in Seychelles. You can either use your desktop, or mobile platform to apply for a Nyerium account. Once you have established an account, multiple transactions can be executed.

When you apply for a Nyerium account, you will select your user id and password. Always remember to keep your user ID and passwords secure at all times. We will do our part for security, but you will need to work with us and that is protect at all times your access. If you have an issue or just need to change your password you can do it online, or use our forgot password instructions to make the change to ensure that your account is safe.
E-mail verification of your account is required to access your account and to keep it secure. This verification will help us keep your information safe. As always, you can contact us on our web form and we are glad to work with you.